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How to Integrate Alfa Payment Gateway (Part 2)

Alfa Payment Gateway
Alfa Payment Gateway

Alfa Payment Gateway

Hurrah Folks as now you guys successfully got an E-Mail with the context that your Merchant account has been approved. Now its time to head to Merchant Portal  

Click here for Merchant Portal or Head to the link mentioned in your E-Mail.

After Logging in you will find this Interface.

How to Integrate Alfa Payment Gateway (Part 2) 8

Step 01. On the left menu, you will find Go Live button (See the below-attached picture is for reference)

image 5
Point to keep in mind. Do Not Click Generate Credentials for now.

Step 02. Click Access Sandbox (See Picture for reference).

image 2 edited
How to Integrate Alfa Payment Gateway (Part 2) 9

Below attached picture is of the Test/Sandbox mode of Portal. You can test live connections here but do read all the instructions. I’ll be only covering WordPress Plugin Instructions here.

image 3 edited
How to Integrate Alfa Payment Gateway (Part 2) 10

Step 03. Click Integrations on the left menu. Then in the drag-down menu Click Plugins.

Pic for reference.

image 4 edited
How to Integrate Alfa Payment Gateway (Part 2) 11

Step 04. Select WooCommerce to download Alfa Payment Gateway the plugin. Be sure to extract the plugin file and after extracting you will again get a .zip file. You will need this zip file to upload to Plugins.

image 6 edited
How to Integrate Alfa Payment Gateway (Part 2) 12

Step 05. Now go to your WordPress Dashboard, Install and Activate the plugin by heading to Plugins > Add New > Upload.

Step 06. After Activating go to settings and you will see the IPN listener URL over there. You need this URL to add to the 3rd Text box of Generate Credentials Page.

Step 07. Now go back Merchant Portal to your Home page and on the Left menu click Go Live, Again Click on Go Live in the Drop-Down menu and you will be back at Generate Credentials Page.

Now it’s time to generate Credentials. (Be sure to read all the documentation on Sandbox Page before proceeding)

Step 08.

  1. Select your store (Must be with store name you have signed up).
  2. Enter return URL, For WooCommerce that must be  (https://yourdomain/checkout/order-received/)
  3. Enter IPN Listener URL that you have found on the APG Plugin Settings page.
  4. Be sure to check the details twice or thrice because you cannot edit the details later on, and then click Generate Credentials.
  5. You will now see lots of details on the same page where you have generated credentials. These details will be used to connect your Payment Gateway with Bank’s/Merchant’s API.
  6. Now Copy each and everything as it is. Don’t try to type it as you can make mistakes in typing and also be careful of spaces while copying.

Now for the details that are not mentioned on this page.

You will receive 2 Secret Keys at Your registered Email Address.

  • Key 1 and Key 2 must be Alphanumeric (Copy them and paste them in your plugin’s settings page)
  • Still you got 2 Empty Fields now. 1 is Store ID and the other is Merchant ID.
  • Head to Alfa Merchant Portal Page and then on Go Live Page Click on Sandbox mode.
  • Now from the left menu click Integrations and Then click API. Here will find this text with HTML box (Handshake Request Pay Load – JSON: ) In the following HTML box you will find both Store ID and Merchant ID copy and paste them both as they are.
  • After these details you will find two more text boxes. 1 will be shown to customers at the checkout page when they will select the payment method and the other text box’s text will be sent to the Customer’s Email (You can think of it as a Custom Thank you message or whatever you want to write there). These fields can be edited later on so do not get tensed if you made some mistake.
  • Now click Save Changes and after the page gets refreshed you see a button with TEST CONNECTION in the right middle of the page. Click it and you will see Connection Successful.
  • Now head to WooCommerce of Left menu of WordPress and then select Settings. Click on the Payment on Top menu and Click the Radio button to enable the Plugin.

Tadaaa!! Your Plugin was successfully integrated into the system, to check the working of APG, make any Test Product, and Checkout with it.

For Part 1 on How to Integrate Alfa Payment Gateway Please Click here.

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