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IPTV Trial Request


You can do IPTV trial Request by selecting and adding this product in checkout.

Must select from drop down menu which IPTV Service you want to check .

You can request IPTV trial by adding this product in checkout. Whatsapp Number is Mandatory due to Spam protection or your trial request will be automatically denied by the system. You Data i.e WhatsApp Number is totally secure.


Must select from drop down menu, The IPTV Service you want to check .


Available Services are :

  1. OpplexTv IPTV (12hr)
  2. Geo IPTV (24hr)
  3. StarShare IPTV (24hr)
  4. MegaOTT IPTV (2hr)
  5. Crystal OTT IPTV (12hrs)
  6. InfinityTv IPTV (24hrs)
  7. B1G Player IPTV (6hrs)
  8. 5GLIVE IPTV (12hr)

    For Plixi and 4kStrong Trials, Please contact on Whatsapp (+92 307 2556611)
    Please note that Plixi and 4kStrong trials are very much limited in daily quota , and we are not charging single penny on them, So please Order wisely or else we have to implement a fees on the trials of Plixi and 4kStrong.


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