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How to Integrate Alfa Payment Gateway (Part 1)

Alfa Payment Gateway
Alfa Payment Gateway

Introduction :

Today we will discuss the easiest way to SignUp and integrate Alfa Payment Gateway by Bank Alfalah for Individuals to receive online payments, especially for E-Commerce Store Owners and for those who are freelancers with NO NTN.

First, let’s Talk about what is a Payment Gateway?

Defination of Payment Gateway.

A payment gateway is the “Digital” equal to the Actual physical credit and debit card reader. It transfers the data from the entry point – either a terminal, Site, or cellular system – to your payment processor to carry on the payment lifecycle..

Bank Alfalah is Introducing “Pakistan’s most smart and innovative online payment processing solution. You can collect your payments online easily & securely from anywhere in Pakistan through Alfa Payment Gateway.”


What is Website Integration?

Definition: Website integration is when your site sends or gets data from A further application, program, or website. Internet site integrations are helpful when you want to connect info from unique resources. These details can be combined to better realize your buyers, their behaviors, enhance gaps in your organization’s functions, and cut down the human mistakes.

Is Website Integration important?

Website integration permits you to control profits and advertising pursuits better. When an application is integrated into your site, you may keep track of how helpful your marketing strategies are as a result of conversion rate optimization.

Another exciting thing is API. Let’s talk about the difference between Website Integration and API.

The fundamentals of integration is about facilitating data interactions involving your website and different software. An API (application programming interface) will allow The two applications to communicate. You’ll usually need an API Access KEY to access info from another program.

Okay! We have discussed the difference between Website Integration and What API is.

Now, Let’s talk about
“How to integrate and which Internet Payment Gateway to integrate in Pakistan with the easiest possible way.”

Things to keep ready to start Sign up process.

  • Website (Must be Live).
  • Valid CNIC of Owner/Individual.
  • A selfie photo/picture (Must be Current/Latest)

As you now have all things in hand, let’s move on to the Signup process.

Steps to Signup.

  • Head to Alfa Payment Gateway Merchant Onboard Page. Click here
  • Click on Signup Now and then again click on the Signup Tab; you will have to fill all the respective fields then Enter your Email ID, Username, Password, Active Mobile number, CNIC Number and CNIC Issuance date; if all fields were added correctly, then you will receive successful account creation details on your Email ID.
  • After this, log in to your newly Created Account and change your Password as asked by the Portal.
  • After signing in, fill all requested fields (Leave Nothing Empty, or your application will revert for editing). For Individuals, NTN is Optional, and for those who don’t have any physical store, you can add your address mentioned in your CNIC.
  • At the time of Documents Submission, submit your CNIC Front Picture, CNIC Back Picture, Your Selfie Picture, and then click Submit.

Hurrah! Piece of Cake Huh! Now, wait for the approval.

Once you receive your approval now, you can head to Part 2 of this article to read a detailed guide about” How to implement/integrate Alfa Payment Gateway to WordPress Woocommerce Platform.

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