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In-Depth Guide to Set up IPTV SMARTERS PRO – 01

Intoduction to IPTV Smarters Pro

IPTV Smarters and IPTV Smarters Pro is a free-of-cost default IPTV application for both iOS and Android gadgets. WHMCS Smarters has begun its services in 2018 committed to IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) services and Xtream-Codes. They’re providing premium services for IPTV like auto payments for IPTV on the Web Portal, rebuilt for their APK (rebranding), IPTV website, Web Television, and lots of other services with excellent costs.

Nowadays their IPTV application is IPTV Smarters and IPTV Smarters Pro, there both are their default applications and these both are available free for Windows, Android and iOS is most popular IPTV Smarters Reviews from users. The app supports all new key features every IPTV installer needs, That includes EPG, Groups/Categorized channels, channels logos, channel favorites, hiding/locking, etc. The application is definitely very easy to use but not all users know how to get started with IPTV Smarters App and do settings. So today we will be teaching you step by step tutorial for how to use and setup IPTV Smarters Application.

IPTV Smarter Pro Key Features:

  • Auto-Update Channels/Movies/Series from Server.
  • No need to login every time and no ads and you can add Multiple Users.
  • Support for Channels by Groups/Categories/Countries.
  • EPG (electronic program guide) support, EPG time shift (auto-update)
  • Catchup (Streams recording)
  • Favorite, Parental Control
  • Account information (expiry, creation and more)

IPTV Smarters Lite & IPTV Smarters Pro Setup (Step by Step Guide):

Step 1:

Head to the links from Playstore | iOS Store and Install the application. You can download IPTV Smarters Pro latest APKs.

Step 2:

After Installation, Open the App and accept their Terms of Use. (It is for the first time)

IPTV Smarters TOU

Step 3:

After accepting Terms of Use, Applications will ask you to Add User.

Step 4 via File/URL:

You have now 2 ways of adding a User for IPTV.

  1. Login with Xtream Codes API.
  2. Load your Playlist or File/URL.

For File/URL click on the 1st option and add the long URL of m3u or select downloaded m3u file and use any Name. Now click on Add User.

To login, via API we need to use m3u link login. here is the way of using data. The m3u link will look like this; “http://example.com:8000/get .php?username=test12&password=test23&type=m3u” .

The login is inside this link. The usable links are marked in colors like http://url_here.com:port | username | password.

Step 5:

Now you’re successfully logged in and your profile have must been created like this:

Step 6:

Click on profile (press and hold if not working). You will see three options 1. Login |2. Edit | 3. Delete. Proceed to Login.

Step 8:

We’re now successfully logged in and we are on the dashboard at the moment. You can see many options here like LIVE TV, MOVIES, SERIES, INSTALL EPG, RECORDINGS, CATCHUP, and 4 icons above and those are Users, Settings, Account Info, and Notifications. You can now simply click on Live TV and enjoy the provided services.

Part 2 with Further In Depth Setup can be found here


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